Shadow Puppeteer

Here are some ideas for a project about a shadow puppeteer. The puppeteer character I chose to go with is actually two people - conjoined twins. The wagon they use to travel in and perform their puppet shows from resembles a junk boat. When they're ready to set up for a show, they use the wagon's sails as a screen for their show. The top drawings show the characters I chose for the story, and the other drawings are exploratory ideas.


Annie Fix said...

Balps!!! I am so glad you have this blog, so I can see your stuff! These drawings are awesome, a true visual treat! I can't wait to see what you post next!


Colin Fix said...

Hot Damn Balps!!!!!!!! These drawings are triple bad-ass, and the ideas behind them are top shelf. It's official, you did it.

aermio said...

this could only be the work of an insane person. wpsh!!

Jennifer said...

Lorraine! I found out you have a blog through Martin's blog links. Rad!! Your stuff looks amazing!

Great work! Send me an email, and hopefully we can set up a time for you, me, and Lauren to meet up:)

Miss ya, pal!!

The Pencil Box said...

Balps, Bawps, Bops, aka Big L.
These proportions on the vis dev samples is straight kickin like Van Daaaaaaaaam!

Phattro said...

this is awesome stuff, Lorraine.
The fat lady at the top takes the cake. you are flooding this blog with butt-kicking goodness!!

Insano to the core, indeed!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Superb work here,lovely blog !!

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